2022-how to best record IPTV on VLC Media Player?

VLC Media Player

 In this tutorial, we will show you how to record IPTV on VLCHow to set up IPTV on the VLC media player?

VLC is one of the most used applications for streaming IPTV channels. The VLC media player is a free and open-source, portable, cross-platform media player and streaming media server produced by the VideoLAN project. VLC is available for desktop operating systems and mobile platforms, such as AndroidiOSTizenWindows 10 Mobile, and Windows Phone.

How to record IPTV on the VLC Media Player

Step 1: To capture and record a video of your desktop to a file, click the “Media” menu in VLC and select Convert / Save.

record IPTV on the VLC 1

Step 2: Click the “Capture Device” tab and select “Desktop” from the “Capture mode” box. Note: The default frame rate is one frame per second, which won’t appear very smooth. You’ll probably want to increase the frame rate. After you’re happy with the frame rate, click the Convert / Save button.

record IPTV on the VLC 2

Step 3: Set a destination file in the Destination section. You can enable the Display the output checkbox to display the contents of your desktop in the VLC window while recording, but this isn’t necessary. To adjust the resolution and video codec, click the edit button to the right of the Profile box.

You can also select a profile from the profile box and use it as-is, without editing it.

record IPTV on the VLC 3

Step 4: Change the resolution by clicking over to the “Video codec” tab and using the options in the Resolution section. For example, you can use half your desktop’s resolution by typing 0.5 into the Scale box.

record IPTV on the VLC 4

Step 5: After specifying your options, click the Save button and click the Start button.

VLC will inform you that it’s “streaming” your desktop to a file. Use your computer normally and VLC will record your desktop. When you’re done, click the Stop button.

Open your saved file to view the video on your desktop. You can send this file to others, upload it to YouTube, or do whatever else you like with it.

How To Record IPTV Shows In Tivimate

How to Record shows in Tivimate – DVR function in Tivimate version 2.8.0.

Premium IPTV record

Some IPTV providers offer content services that include recording capabilities, and you can learn about the functional modules of this service in advance when you subscribe to the IPTV service. For example, Family4K Premium IPTV, not only has a recording function but also provides Time-Shift & EPG.


What is VLC Media Player used for?

VLC is a free and open-source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files, and various streaming protocols.

Is VLC Media Player OK?

VLC Media Player is a legitimate piece of software that facilitates all the tools necessary for playing media content. Although it has triggered some malware alerts, it doesn’t contain any malware, making it perfectly safe for download and installation.

What are the disadvantages of VLC Media Player?

To play files, you have to open them directly from their respective folders.
You cannot use tags.
It can be difficult to find songs in your library.
You cannot customize the program’s interface.

Is there a way to record IPTV?

While watching a live program, simply press the “Record” button on the remote control once to begin recording the current program. A banner will briefly appear at the top of the screen showing “Recording” to confirm the recording has begun.

Can VLC record TV?

Click on the “Capture Mode” menu box in the menu that appears and select a video source. Select the “Desktop” option to record action on your computer’s desktop. Select the “TV (Digital)” option to capture input from a TV tuner card.

Why is VLC not recording?

Common VLC Problems and Reasons
The easiest fix for the issue is to get back to an older version of the app. Apart from the system bugs, there are also high chances that users haven’t configured the right settings. However, before implementing any other fix, you should install an older version of the player.

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